A time for reflection…

Given the tragedy in Connecticut, the post scheduled for today will not be published. There is too much to say and too much to express and in time, I will share my thoughts. But at this moment, the emotions are just too raw and rather than write something I may regret, I’ll just leave it at this –

In these moments of unspeakable horror, we cannot always answer the hows and whys, nor do we have the “right” words to explain this to our children – but we must remember that as parents our children are looking to us to be that source of strength and comfort and as parents, we should remember Psalm 46:1 and 2 Corinthians 12:9, for this is where our strength comes from.

Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone touched by this. Until next week.


2 thoughts on “A time for reflection…

  1. As a father of an 11 year old and a 6 year, old the events of this past Friday weigh so much on my heart. Thinking about those innocent little children and looking into the eyes of my 6 year old boy put so much in perspective in all of my heart and soul. It’s too much to bear and the emotions too overwhelming when you, as a parent, see this kind of story break and then learn of the age of the victims and can hold the same life in your arms. It takes the meaning of the words “a precious gift” to a level you can no longer understand…you just feel.

    I’d like to say that these tragic events made an instant change to my habits as a father when patience has already worn thin…but I can say that it adds a moment of crystalline clarity for just enough time to show a vast prism of choices…paths to start and take. I just have to be strong enough to always pause to see the one that shines brightest for my boys…not the one that is easiest for me in that fraction of time.

    My heart hurts for those children and their families, as well as the adult heroes who lost their lives. Some say…”don’t sweat the small stuff…”…I say “NO!” Do sweat the small stuff, and do always carry the burden to sweat the big stuff for, and with, your children because you never know what you might miss, you never know when “next time” will never be.

    I challenge all parents to apply this tragedy therapeutically…rather than hem and haw at your child’s request to come see something, or to bring them a towel (because everyone knows from the ages of 4-18…kids (at least boys) have no concept of bringing a towel with them to the bathroom when getting ready to shower!)…just take a second to weigh if that moment of “oh gee whiz! what now!?” is really worth the actual 37 seconds of your life it will take to appease them?…for the moment at least!

    I pray every night for those children and adults…and while the story will fade into the history books…my heart will always pray for them…and always pray to protect my own.

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