Still too raw…

I remember, quite vividly (which as you may know by now, is a feat all in of itself for me) watching live television on January 28, 1986. I remember helping my dad suit up in tactical gear in April 1992 as he headed out to catch a ride on the humvee that was waiting to take him to South Central Los Angeles. I also remember waking up and making my way out of our house on January 17, 1994. I remember sitting in my office on September 11, 2001, after working the overnight shift, and watching The Today Show while noticing my e-mail inbox filling up with e-mails coming in seemingly every second. I remember having dinner at my in-laws house on May 2, 2011 and watching social media just explode.  And now, I will remember watching the morning news on December 14, 2012.

Each of these events has left an ineffaceable imprint on our society, our laws (soon), our conscious and our soul – and I wrestle – as I am sure we all do – with what to do now.

The pain, anguish, hurt and confusion, is still too raw – but we all know that our lives must go on. Due to this tragedy and the overwhelming need to be with family during the holiday season, I have decided to suspend my regular posting until January 2013.

In the meanwhile, we parents have the task of making sense out of this senseless act. We have turned off the television for our little one, when it comes to this topic – opting instead to talk about this in terms of prayer. The coming days, weeks and months are going to be transformational. My mother – 20+ year school teacher is seeing an increase in security unlike anything she has ever seen before. My daughter’s preschool has doubled their security presence. The world is changing – we parents need to be there and help define it for our children.

However you choose to reconcile this horrific event, and the ones that will undoubtedly come, let us be mindful of the messages WE are giving our children. Not passing judgement on anyone but we have to understand the effect our behavior and actions have on our children – going out and buying guns or keeping your children from school may not be the right answer. Likewise, acting as if nothing happened is not healthy either. If you struggle, seek help – If you have something you would like to share, please do. Let us be a community on this – for the sake of our precious children.


What say you?

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