The first year is on the books

One year ago, I embarked on a journey of self discovery and self-improvement – and what a journey it has been! The feedback, encouragement, engagement and advice I have received, has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their thoughts, opinions and counter-arguments – I truly believe that what we are doing is for the betterment of all our families out there!

As some of you may also know, this anniversary is bittersweet. It was a year ago that I lost my Father-in-law – the inspiration behind this blog. The emotions and sentiments are still very raw surrounding his passing but its through my writing and remembrance that I will eventually heal.

Speaking of remembrance, my daughter (bless her heart), decided she would like to release a special balloon for her Tata, so he could receive it in heaven! I am ever in awe of the way children think and the innocence and pureness of it all – it’s just heart warming. I plan on remembering my Father-in-law by continuing our thought-provoking conversations about Parenting and specifically what it means to be a Dad. We are going to hit some heavy topics in the near future, but I am confident that with your help, insight and input, we’ll all emerge more enlightened and better Parents!

Here’s to the first YEAR and many more to come!


What say you?

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