The first year is on the books

One year ago, I embarked on a journey of self discovery and self-improvement – and what a journey it has been! The feedback, encouragement, engagement and advice I have received, has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their thoughts, opinions and counter-arguments – I truly believe that what we are doing is for the betterment of all our families out there!

As some of you may also know, this anniversary is bittersweet. It was a year ago that I lost my Father-in-law – the inspiration behind this blog. The emotions and sentiments are still very raw surrounding his passing but its through my writing and remembrance that I will eventually heal.

Speaking of remembrance, my daughter (bless her heart), decided she would like to release a special balloon for her Tata, so he could receive it in heaven! I am ever in awe of the way children think and the innocence and pureness of it all – it’s just heart warming. I plan on remembering my Father-in-law by continuing our thought-provoking conversations about Parenting and specifically what it means to be a Dad. We are going to hit some heavy topics in the near future, but I am confident that with your help, insight and input, we’ll all emerge more enlightened and better Parents!

Here’s to the first YEAR and many more to come!


Welcome to Redefining Dad…

The inspiration for the founding of this blog comes from the insurmountable loss of my Father-in-Law and patriarch of our family due to Pancreatic Cancer. His passing was such an emotional and quick experience, that it left me with a longing to have more deep conversations with him. Sure, we talked all the time, but like typical men of his and mine generation, our conversations included the 5 essential elements of every man’s conversation: sports, tools, the way something “should” work, money and how things “used” to be. It dawned on me recently that after the 10+ years of having him in my life, I can count no more than 5 times that we actually had a meaningful conversation about being a dad and raising children. When I reflect on my conversations with my own Father, I noticed the same pattern. These two important men have a combined 140 years of life experience under their belts – and I have only scratched the surface of their wisdom. Also, add in the fact that we live in Southern California: one more the most exhilarating, bizarre and diverse places in this country. Surely these men’s wisdom would be essential for survival in such a land!

Now, there could be many reasons for why this rarely ever occurred in my life but as I talk to other men, primarily dads, I see I am not alone. This blog isn’t about exploring the reasons why – that no longer matters – this blog seeks to correct this perceived phenomenon by getting the conversation started. In this blog we want to discuss those topics which all men should be discussing. Sure, sports, tools and the like have their place – and we’ll be discussing that too but what we “need” to talk about are those things we may traditionally avoid discussing with one another.

I plan to approach our topics in a serious yet accessible way, being sensitive to the multi-cultural environment that is Southern California. I do guarantee that some topics will be uncomfortable and even controversial – but necessary. I want our discussions to be honest and frank. And women/mom’s, you play a crucial role in all of this. We men are not natural talkers about these topics and we need for you to help us out, give us your opinion and tell us when we are full of it.

It is my sincerest hope that through this dialogue, we can all become better husbands and wives, parents and people. Let’s start talking!